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Pesonalised engraving

Stylus Engravers Blog

Comment on All You Need To Know About Hip Flasks

All You Need To Know About Hip Flasks

Posted on Thursday 30th of October 2014

Though hip flasks as we know them now were first seen in the 1700's, they have existed in other forms for much, much longer. Perhaps the most well renowned 'historical' version of a hip flask would be the animal skin containers that are so often seen in fantasy films and historical movies, like The Lord Of The Rings or Kingdom Of Heaven, which were worn on the owner's side (AKA hip); and though hip flasks have developed quite a bit since, the premise is still very similar. We say...Read More

Comment on What is Pewter & How Is It Made?

What is Pewter & How Is It Made?

Posted on Tuesday 15th of April 2014

A mixture of tin and any one of several possible other metals, Pewter has been around for thousands of years; with the earliest examples of its use being found as far back as the 15th Century BC, in Egypt. This is not really all that surprising, as that would have been in the middle of an era known as the Bronze age; a time which is literally defined by the use of metals like copper and tin, and their alloys.

Materials that were common in the Bronze Age were not popular due to...Read More

Comment on 5 Short Yet Interesting Facts About Glass

5 Short Yet Interesting Facts About Glass

Posted on Monday 13th of January 2014

The oldest examples of manufactured glass can be found in Ancient Egyptian jewellery, and is over 14,000 years old. Despite being made nearly everywhere else, no glass was made in China from the 14th Century until the 19th Century. Despite this 500 year abstinence China is now the world’s largest glass producer. The energy produced from recycling one average sized glass bottle can power a computer for half an hour or a colour TV for 20 minutes. Glass can occur naturally in 2 ways....Read More

Comment on Brand Spotlight: Dartington Crystal

Brand Spotlight: Dartington Crystal

Posted on Wednesday 18th of December 2013

Since its inception in 1967 Dartington Crystal has been seen as one of England’s premier crystal manufacturers with an illustrious reputation built upon the quality and timeless styles incorporated in their glass designs. All of their glass-work from the Wibble Wide Vase to the Admiral’s Decanter is hand made by their 12 expert craftsmen at their factory in Devon; the last remaining crystal factory in the UK. Because each piece is made by hand each and every piece of...Read More

Comment on Engravable Christmas Gift Ideas

Engravable Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted on Monday 25th of November 2013

Christmas will soon be upon us and as it inevitably descends upon us the urgency starts to kick in and we start asking ourselves the same nagging question “What shall we get for ‘insert loved one’?” Part of you thinks that perhaps they would love a coffee maker as they love coffee oh so much, but there is another (much wiser) side of you that tells you there is no way anyone will want a coffee maker for Christmas. We have nothing against coffee makers...Read More

Comment on The Glass Tankard Engraving Process Done By Hand

The Glass Tankard Engraving Process Done By Hand

Posted on Tuesday 1st of October 2013

1. Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

We start our process by creating the artwork, according to the brief given to us by our client. The preparation is done completely in-house, and is carried out by our graphic designers using state-of-the-art design & rendering software. Once the design has been drawn up, we get the glass ready by marking up where the engraving will go. The preparation has to be done with absolute precision,...Read More