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Pesonalised engraving

Stylus Engravers Blog

Comment on 5 Facts About The Champagne Glass

5 Facts About The Champagne Glass

Posted on Friday 12th of September 2014

The Champagne glass is a design that has changed over many years. Some may say that this is due to our improved knowledge of how to enjoy certain types of the luxurious bubbly beverage, but what is the true story behind the champagne glass's unique design? Here at Stylus Engravers we have put together 5 short yet interesting facts about the Champagne glass. 1). Shaped Like Marie Antoinette's Breast, True Or False?   It is said everywhere that the first coupe shaped champagne glass...Read More

10 Stylish Decanters For Engraving
Comment on 10 Stylish Decanters For Engraving

10 Stylish Decanters For Engraving

Posted on Thursday 14th of August 2014

For those who enjoy a glass of whisky, spirits or fine wines, you will know that the appropriate container will make a difference to the serving of your favourite drink. Not only do decanters add a hint of luxury to the table, they are also practical and stylish and are sure to impress any guest you have visiting for dinner. In fact, the only thing better than a high quality glass container is of course a personalised engraved decanter! That’s why we have compiled this list for you to browse...Read More

Comment on 10 Best Birthday Quotes To Get Engraved

10 Best Birthday Quotes To Get Engraved

Posted on Wednesday 30th of July 2014

Summer is here and if you are lucky enough to have a string of birthday parties to go to then look no further for a unique gift that speaks from the heart. Here at Stylus Engravers we have put together a list of the top 10 birthday quotes to get engraved on that special birthday present. So whether you are buying for a partner or a friend you are sure to find the perfect quote to place on it right here. 1). "Count your life by smiles not tears. Count your age by friends not years." 2)....Read More

The World Cup Trophy
Comment on The World Cup Trophy

The World Cup Trophy

Posted on Friday 13th of June 2014

Love it or hate it, the World Cup is here and it will be for the next four weeks. Hosted in Brazil, it is the world’s biggest tournament in football and is certainly an occasion to be celebrated. As with every competition, there needs to be a prize. 32 countries are competing in the tournament and all to get their hands and country’s name engraved on the most coveted achievement in football, the World Cup trophy. Here at Stylus Engravers, we would like to provide you with some interesting...Read More

Comment on Brand Spotlight: Zippo

Brand Spotlight: Zippo

Posted on Thursday 15th of May 2014

Founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932, The Zippo Manufacturing Company produced the first Zippo lighter. The Zippo was born out of the idea of having a lighter that would look good and be easy to use.  Originally inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter that had a similar design, the lighter got it's name because its designer George G. Blaisdell liked the sound of the word “zipper” and thought that “zippo” sounded more hip and modern.

The Zippo Lighter has been one of...Read More

Comment on What is Pewter & How Is It Made?

What is Pewter & How Is It Made?

Posted on Tuesday 15th of April 2014

A mixture of tin and any one of several possible other metals, Pewter has been around for thousands of years; with the earliest examples of its use being found as far back as the 15th Century BC, in Egypt. This is not really all that surprising, as that would have been in the middle of an era known as the Bronze age; a time which is literally defined by the use of metals like copper and tin, and their alloys.

Materials that were common in the Bronze Age were not popular due to...Read More