Glassware has been a specialty of Stylus Engravers for many years. Suitable as decoration, home use or as a family heirloom, a simple wine glass or whiskey tumbler offers endless ornate opportunities. The following are just 5 recommended choices of engraved glassware from our collection, ranging from popular classic to more subtle novelties.

  1. Cut Panel Brandy Glass

Made from 24% lead crystal, this cut panel brandy glass shimmers with glass. Manufactured within a glass factory in Poland, it’s been purposely moulded for engraving, with a gorgeous cut pattern and plain panel. Brandy is a drink of distinction, often saved for rare opportunities. In that sense, this is the perfect gift for one who can properly enjoy the age and richness of a good glass.

  1. Darlington Crystal Glitz Single Wine Glass

Handmade with fine crystal and exquisitely decorated with a swirl cut pattern, this glorious wine glass is a beautiful object in of itself. Before we’ve even begun to add the engraving, this wine glass has already been finished with a delicate touch of three Swarovski crystals. It comes shipped in a unique glass gift box, and makes a perfect present regardless of occasion or context.

  1. Quaddro Lead Crystal Tumbler

Every whiskey drinker is going to have clear preferences when it comes to their tumbler. Some swear by plain designs, whilst others might vye for something more intricate and unusual. It’s this latter group we want to appeal to with the quadro tumbler; with a twisted design and four-corner shape. Made in the Bohemia Glass Works in the Czech Republic, it retains the high sophistication of a strong high-ball, whilst standing out from the crowd.

  1. Pint Beer Boot Glass

Although this engravable beer glass is a novelty, it’s perfectly suited to the purpose of holding a good pint. There’s room enough to leave a good head, and the shape makes it surprisingly easy to hold. Whether your beer drinking sir has a tendency to put his feet on the table, or always likes a bit of humour with his lager, this boot-shaped beer glass is a classic.

  1. 10” Flared Rona Crustal Vase

Every other item in this list has been for drinking, but since this might not be to everyone’s preference, we wanted to cap off with a beautiful crystal vase. With an attractive blooming shape and large size, the flared rona is great not only for individuals but as a commemorative gift for companies or clubs - we can even engrave logos upon request!

Remember, everything at Stylus Engraving is done in-house. We use a unique handheld system that allows us to reproduce even individual handwriting to a perfect match. Our setup lets us do computerised rotary, drag diamond engraving and sandblasting to meet any and all font styles, and is available to both national and overseas customers.