An eerie silence descended on the shop last week as we began our new working lives without the ever-present and all-knowing Bev. She’s been a part of our engraving business for over ten years and what she doesn’t know about how we operate isn’t worth knowing at all. Not only does she have an incredible memory for detail but she can remember personalised commissions going back years, often recalling the customers individually as well as the logos, artwork, fonts and glassware that they purchased.

Her relationships with customers were based on a real understanding of what was required for even the most unusual and one-off orders as well as a genuine desire to produce work of the highest standard. She seemed to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of military terminology, too, and has probably hand-drawn the bulk of crests and badges that we now engrave as a matter of course.


Not a single piece of glassware was outside of her repertoire...from straightforward glasses to tricky curved frames, to hand-made items by local artists, Beverly could find a way to engrave it, to personalise it and to turn it into something special for the recipient.

Bev leaves us for a new life and a new adventure in France and we wish her and her husband every success and every happiness. do we replace her?

Well, as it happens, our old friend and former employee, Gwen, has stepped into the breach and will be taking over Bev’s role. She’s spent the last month or so working closely with Bev and is already up to speed with everything needed as far as the personalisation and engraving of our glass gifts are concerned.

We fully expect her to eventually match Bev’s in-depth knowledge of the wider business...but we may have to give her a few more years for that.


It’s a big change, but we are confident that the one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of the service we are able to offer our customers.

Farewell, Bev

Welcome, Gwen.