When it comes the finding an engravable gift, the choice of glassware, personalised ornaments and lavish picture frames means you’re never without options. The difficulty comes in deciding which gift best suits the particular occasion you’re celebrating. In this entry of the Stylus Engravers blog, we present our suggestions for the best choice in gift to match 5 specific special occasions.


After years of long-study, stressful exams and hard work, the young (or old…) student in your family is finally ready to walk out into the world with a degree in hand. It’s hard to capture just how important this moment can be, but we feel the Personalised Graduation Champagne Bottle is a splendid way to do it. Delivered in a pine hinged presentation box, this bottle of bubbly can be personalised with your own chosen message, and in any style of lettering you desire.

image (1) Giving out an Award

Whether you represent a team (sports, academic etc.) or want to reward a particularly successful employee, there’s lots of great gives for award giving. Our range of personalised trophies cover more specific achievements, such as for golf or horse riding, but there are also standard-shaped ornaments too. If a trophy doesn’t quite seem appropriate for your recipient, we also have the Irregular Jade Plaque; a bevelled glass commemorative piece that can be stylised with any phrase up to 80 characters.


When a beloved colleague is ready to enjoy retirement, or has decided to move on to a new chapter in their life, it’s important for everyone in the company that they receive an appropriate farewell token. Our selection of Retirement gifts offers plenty of possibility regardless of gender or taste, with popular purchases including tankards, decanters and curved glass portrait frames.

image Anniversaries

When a couple celebrates their long-time together as a romantic pair, it should not be done with the same perfunctory feeling as a birthday or housewarming. It deserves something special; something Stylus Engravers has kept firmly in mind when planning our Anniversary gifts section. Our favourite item: this pair of Dartington Crystal glitz champagne flutes, each with their own added bit of flair and heartfelt sparkle.


It’s important to remember just how treasured a Christening can be for two proud parents. When looking through our range of christening gifts, you’ll see a selection of silver-plated presents that, whilst themed for a child, are ultimately made for the parents with their high-quality craftsmanship and ornamental beauty.