Photo frames are a highly convenient choice of gift. Depending on the quality of the frame, they can be given as a small gesture for a friend or work colleague, or as a deluxe present for a close family member or partner. At Stylus Engravers, we believe the photo frame can be a deeply personal and cherished gift, especially with our personalisation options, and to give you some inspiration here’s the top photo frame gift ideas from our collection:

Glass Photo Frames

Although photo frames are usually bought without a particular moment in mind, our range of glass photo frames are specifically designed to help you commemorate a special event. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, graduation etc., our expert engravers can add a finishing touch to these curved, spacious glass photo frames that makes it totally individual to you. They’re also sold in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, allowing to choose a glass photo frame that matches the dimensions of your photo exactly.

Mirrored FInish Photo Frames

The reflective and shimmering quality of our mirror finish photo frames make them an excellent alternative to the glass range. Once again, each can be engraved to commemorate any special event or person, and can be ordered either as a single or double frame. Aside from its beautifully polished mirror, each of these photo frames features a crystal heart motif, making it ideal for anniversaries, weddings etc.

Silver Photo Frames

These shimmering silver photo frames never fail to catch someone’s eye when sitting on the mantelpiece. The quality of the material is hardly intruded by the engraving, which could even be done in the style of your handwriting if you so wish. There are a number of design patterns among our glass frames, including butterflies, leaves and diamante swirls, or you could choose a plain silver in either a single or double frame.

Although the majority of our photo frames can only be engraved in the portrait position, within our silver photo frames you can find items specifically sized for landscape photos, just in case you have any favourite moments captured in that orientation. All of our engraving is done with a unique handheld system, and our expert engravers are also able to offer computerised rotary, drag diamond engraving and sandblasting to perfectly replicate a logo or selection of font styles.

Photo frame gifts allow you to encapsulate and highlight a defining moment of your life, and by engraving it, it’s liek signing that instant into yours or your family/friend’s history!