From engraved bottles to beautifully packaged tumblers & glasses, the alcohol gift sets from Stylus Engravers have been an enduring favourite for all types of special occasions. One of our most popular drinks of choice is our Jack Daniel’s gift set; which houses a bottle of the world’s most well known bourbon whiskey within a straw-padded wooden box with a personalized Dartington Crystal glass. In acknowledgement to our customer’s love of this classic American whiskey, we’ve gathered 5 of our favourite Jack Daniel’s recipes to really help you get the most out of this great gift.

whiskey-932260_960_720 1. Jack Daniel’s Chilli – From Cooking with Curls

For most people, summer is a time of ice cream every hour on the hour, and a consistent supply of freshly chilled drinks. For the mavericks though, it can transform already fiery hot spicy food into a Sunday afternoon inferno. With this recipe, you can take 8 ounces of Jack Daniels, add it to a classic chilli concoction, and end up with a solid spicy mixture to serve with chips, hotdogs or whatever best suits your current appetite.

2. Señor Sparrow – From My Best Cocktails

Whilst Jack Daniels is heavily used in cooking, let’s not forget that it is also a drink first and foremost, with plenty of popular cocktails that surprisingly benefit from its bitterness. Out of the thousands out there, the Señor Sparrow tops several lists, with a favourable addition of pineapple juice as a mixer, and a name that plays on the pirate-heritage in all the ingredient’s combined histories.

3. Jack & Coke Baby Back Ribs – From One Sweet Mess

Jack Daniels is practically synonymous with barbeque, and for good reason. The bold flavour compliments meat when transformed into sauce form, producing a rich seasoning that will soon become a staple of any cook-up. This food and drinks blogger, who has a knack for originality, took the idea a step further by turning the standard mixed drink of Jack & Coke into its very own sauce for baby back ribs, and as you’ll quickly see, the results were mouth watering.

4. Jack Daniels Brownie with Caramel Sauce – From PBS | Food

This Jack Daniels recipe sounds absolutely scrumptious just by its title alone, and yet the name doesn’t do justice to the fantastic mix of ingredients, which include dried cranberries, peaches and pecan halves. Serve with a scoop of ice cream and you have an adult-worthy dessert that dutifully combines a gooey, crisp brownie with the excellent taste of JD.

5. Jack Daniel’s Smoky Bacon Mac and Cheese – From The Slow Roasted Italian

Yes, that’s right: Bacon, Cheese and Jack Daniels all rolled into one unforgettable meal. Easy to make in just 30 minutes, this bourbon laced comfort food isn’t just adding alcohol for the sake of it. As expected in a Jack Daniels recipe, the whiskey actually cooks down to leave the perfect smokiness, with some maple and a hint of ‘woodsiness’ that ultimately compliments both the bacon and liquefied cheese.

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