There’s no better way to bond than over a drink, especially when the bottle has been hand selected by a loved one and packaged to perfection. This is the underlying philosophy behind Stylus Engravers’ alcohol gift sets, which beautifully package their aged bottles with engraved glasses and a box that expertly matches the class of the drink within. If there’s a special occasion on the horizon surrounding one of your closest friends of family members, have a look through these six featured alcohol gift sets and you may just find the perfect way to celebrate with them.

#1 Engraved Tumbler & Smirnoff Vodka Miniature Gift Set

A brilliant idea for a corporate gift or something on the smaller side, our miniature gift sets box up a simple glass tumbler within a satin-lined container and drink of choice. Here we’ve showcased the ever-favourite Smirmoff Vodka; a drink that even in its smallest helping signals good Russian cheer.

image (2) #2 Wine And 2 Glasses In Brown Weave Case

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic bottle of vino, and we’ve ensured ours are delivered with all the dignity denoting their vintage. Packaged into an idyllic weave case, these 70cl bottles of fine wine can be enjoyed in two solidly made glasses. All that’s left is to choose your engraving and, of course, whether you’d prefer red, white or rose.

image (3) #3 Personalised Brandy Glass and Martell Brandy Miniature Gift Set

Most men love being treated to a bit of brandy (in fact, most women do too!), especially when it’s so excellently presented in its own satin-lined box. Naturally, this gift set also includes the ideal brandy glass, perfect for slow slipping of Martell – one of our favourite brands!

image (4) #4 Bottle Of Champagne & Two Flutes

The go-to gift for any truly special day, champagne is the undisputed universal symbol of achievement; whether that be another year in a treasured marriage or the end of a long battle to graduation. Mark those accomplishments with a satin-lined presentation box that houses its own 70cl bottle of bubble, and dual crystal champagne flutes – both of which can be individually engraved.

image (5) #5 Jack Daniel's with Dartington Crystal Whisky Tumbler Gift Set

A terrific father’s day gift idea that would be just as perfect for a Dad to give his son in return on his birthday etc., this bottle of classic Jack bourbon is made perfect for the whiskey lover with its own Dartingon crystal tumbler. The thing we like most about this gift set is the box; a simple wooden case that keeps the tipple within safe through the simple use of straw.

image (6) #6 Jagerbomb Gift Set

A party favour that would be hard to beat, whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between this Jagerbomb gift set includes everything you need to make your own shot mix (sans the mixer!) including a lager glass, shot glass and bottle of the black stuff. Like all our alcohol gift set ideas it can be engraved to your liking, making it something to treasure for years to come.

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