Military service is a high honour, not only for those who undertake it but also for family and friends. Commemorating one’s army career and accomplishments within their own force, whether it be on land, on sea or in the air is of huge importance, and Stylus Engravers are here to make sure you choose the item that will forever reflect their pride as an English serviceman. In this entry of our blog, you’ll find a full guide to our military gifts, including those made exclusively to commemorate soldiers both past and present.

Image of Three Piece Decanter Set


Whilst a military gift should ideally be something ornate and designed to last, they don’t need to be bought for any specific purpose. Whether it’s for someone who’s just achieved a promotion for his or her bravery in military, or as a pre-deployment present for a soldier’s first tour, the demand for military gifts continues to rise. Regardless of which gift you choose, these items will let anyone retired from active duty look back upon their military career with pride, and can serve either as a conversation piece from which to tell stories, or as a superb centrepiece for a living room or study.

In terms of the gifts to choose from, our range includes many popular decorative and practical items including hip flasks, decanter & tumbler sets and deluxe pewter and glass tankards. The latter of these have been specifically earmarked as military gifts, with a choice of three designs that feature either a Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or British Army crest. Made in England, the pewter tankards will neither rust nor tarnish, and each comes with its own satin lined presentation box, whilst the cup itself can be engraved with up to two lines of additional text.

Like every other choice of gift from Stylus Engravers, this personalised text is a completely free option, and can be customized with one of four font styles and positioned on the base to your specification. All engraving is down in-house via a unique handheld system employed by our expert engravers, one that even allows us to reproduce your own handwriting. We strive to ensure that our workmanship is an accurate reflection of the hard work and dedication that has become the hallmark of British servicemen.

Even among the individual items in our Military Gifts range, there are a variety of designs to suit the unique sensibility of the valiant soldier in your life. The hipflasks, for example, include this round stainless steel design, complete with glass viewing port and brass inlay, or a lead-free pewter flask that has been decorated with intricate Celtic bands. Our decanters (which are available in plain glass or cut pattern) are a particularly perfect choice for any Britain who served their country at sea; as their characteristically wide base was originally used to keep the container steady when waves turned rough.

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