With so many people to buy for at Christmas, it can be hard to please everyone. However if you’re looking for a gift that evokes elegance and style, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a keepsake, Christmas decoration or party game, we’ve got a selection to suit everyone’s taste. Not only can you purchase a wonderful gift, you can also add your own engraving to most items such as a personalised message.

Drinking Glasses

Know someone who enjoys a glass of their favourite tipple? Treat them to a stylish glass to contain their tasty refreshment. From Stella Artois to Guinness to wine, find a glass to please everyone at Christmas.

Image of Full Bottle Wine Glass Home Decoration

Bring a festive atmosphere into your home with a delicate tea light holder to bring a touch of sophistication. There is room on each tea light holder to write a personal message so they can be treasured for many years to come.

Image of Triangle Christmas Tea Light Holder - 2 Candles Christmas Ornaments

There’s no activity quite like decorating your Christmas tree at home. In our selection, you will find a range of wonderful hanging ornaments such as a Santa, an angel or a Christmas tree.

Image of Glass Christmas Bauble Stylish Pens

If you know someone who is a fan of writing, we have an exquisite selection of ballpoint pens that are perfect for engraving.

Image of Chrome Finish Ballpoint Pen Games

For many people, Christmas is all about party games and the enjoyment of your favourite drinks. This noughts and crosses game combines the two so you can guarantee an evening of laughter and fun!

Image of Noughts & Crosses Drinking Game

Whatever your choice of gift, each of the items in our selection are sure to please everyone at Christmas time. For our full range of Christmas gifts, click here.