The Champagne glass is a design that has changed over many years. Some may say that this is due to our improved knowledge of how to enjoy certain types of the luxurious bubbly beverage, but what is the true story behind the champagne glass's unique design? Here at Stylus Engravers we have put together 5 short yet interesting facts about the Champagne glass.

1). Shaped Like Marie Antoinette's Breast, True Or False?


It is said everywhere that the first coupe shaped champagne glass was designed to mimic the shape of Marie Antoinette's breast so that her court could toast to her good health. In fact the classic glass shape was actually designed years before the reign of the queen.

2). The Flute Isn't The Only Glass To Serve Champagne In


Yes you heard it right, there have been many different Champagne glass designs that have been present at every party. In the 1930s and even right up until the 1960s the glass of choice was the coupe glass.

3). Controlling The Temperature Of The Drink


The Champagne flute's long stem allows drinkers to hold their glass elegantly without effecting the temperature of the Champagne.

4). Keeping The Fizz


Unlike other glasses, the champagne flute's unique shape helps to retain the champagne's carbonation allowing those much loved bubbles to be displayed for longer.

5). Small Diameter Means More To Serve


The small diameter of the Champagne glass allows for more of them to be placed on a tray. Specially designed for parties.

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