For those who enjoy a glass of whisky, spirits or fine wines, you will know that the appropriate container will make a difference to the serving of your favourite drink. Not only do decanters add a hint of luxury to the table, they are also practical and stylish and are sure to impress any guest you have visiting for dinner. In fact, the only thing better than a high quality glass container is of course a personalised engraved decanter! That’s why we have compiled this list for you to browse through for inspiration and even thrown in some of our own decanters to choose from.

10. Dartington Admiral’s Decanter

A classic design that is always appreciated, this decanter is perfect for containing your favourite beverage.

Image of Dartington Admiral's Decanter 9. Dartington Square Decanter

Almost resembling a perfume bottle, you can hold your favourite port or spirit in this high quality decanter.

Image of Dartington Square Decanter 8. Panelled Ships Decanter

Decorative and practical, this decanter is pleasing to the eye and provides an impressive piece for the table.

Image of Panelled Ships Decanter 7. Dartington Director’s Decanter

A simple design, but with a versatile presence. Due to its round shape, it is a perfect choice for an engraved decanter.

Image of Dartington Director's Decanter 6. Vintage Decanter

The frosted glass and unusual shape makes this decanter an ideal vintage piece.


5. Dartington Glitz Decanter

If you’re looking for a decanter that oozes class and sophistication, this is the one you want. Featuring diamante and fine detail, this is a splendid choice for an engraved decanter.

Image of Dartington Glitz Decanter 4. Glass Globe

A truly unique design, this is perfect for holding a large amount of whisky or spirits.


3. Venetian Glass Decanter

A decorative blue glass with a silver finish, this decanter is a fantastic item for a vintage home.


2. Twist Decanter

A beautiful decanter, this is a truly modern piece that is sure to be appreciated for containing your favourite fine wine.


1. Panel Square Spirit Decanter

An immaculate gift depicting beauty, glamour and practicality, this is the perfect choice for containing your favourite beverage and displaying your personal choice of words.

Image of Panel Square Spirit Decanter

All of our decanters at Stylus Engravers can be engraved by our talented engravers with your personal choice of names, dates or messages.