Love it or hate it, the World Cup is here and it will be for the next four weeks. Hosted in Brazil, it is the world’s biggest tournament in football and is certainly an occasion to be celebrated. As with every competition, there needs to be a prize. 32 countries are competing in the tournament and all to get their hands and country’s name engraved on the most coveted achievement in football, the World Cup trophy. Here at Stylus Engravers, we would like to provide you with some interesting facts about the famous trophy itself!

The Origin Of The World Cup Trophy

Starting in 1930, the World Cup tournament derives from the Olympic games in the 20th century. The gold-plated original trophy itself was designed by the French sculptor, Abel Lafleur. The sculpture is on display at the Louvre and consists of four gold plates where the winners of the trophy could be written. Since then, the trophy has had a remarkable history including an alleged theft just before the 1966 tournament, however it was later found. Brazil were able to hold onto the trophy permanently in 1970 and are still the leading country in terms of World Cup triumphs. Sadly, the trophy was stolen again in 1983 in Brazil and has never been recovered, so it is assumed that it had been melted down.

The Artwork And Engraving

Before the final decision for the design of the trophy was made, there were 53 options to choose from, designed by sculptors across the world. Made of carat gold and malachite, the trophy is a truly glistening piece. The trophy is in fact hollow, making it easier to lift. The engraving consists of the phrase ‘FIFA World Cup’ on its base and the names of the winning teams on the bottom of the trophy, which are not clearly visible while it is upright.

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The Status Of The Cup Today

So far, ten winners have been engraved onto the base of the World Cup trophy and it is uncertain what FIFA will decide to do with the trophy when there is no more room left on the bottom. By 2030, there could possibly be a new design as there is only enough space to allow for four more engravings. This also happens to be the tournament’s 100th anniversary so may require a particularly special idea. In actual fact, the trophy cannot be kept by each winning country and a replica will be made each year from gold-plated material instead of solid gold.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the World Cup trophy itself, the item everyone is playing for. We all love a prize, however it’s important to remember it’s the taking part that counts! Browse through our range of trophies and awards to find a gift to suit everyone. On that note, let the games commence!