Founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932, The Zippo Manufacturing Company produced the first Zippo lighter. The Zippo was born out of the idea of having a lighter that would look good and be easy to use.  Originally inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter that had a similar design, the lighter got it's name because its designer George G. Blaisdell liked the sound of the word “zipper” and thought that “zippo” sounded more hip and modern.

The Zippo Lighter has been one of the most popular and the most featured lighters throughout history. In World War II, Zippo dedicated all of its manufacturing to the U.S. military, where it became popular for American soldiers of the Vietnam War to get their lighters engraved with personal messages and symbols. The Zippo lighter has also been featured in over 1,500 Hollywood movies, Broadway plays and television series particularly in the 1950s/1960s. Because of everyone’s obsession with the lighter, it was often used as a key prop to push the narrative forward and depict a character's stylish personality.

Today. the Zippo Manufacturing Company has continued to grow, but although they have created thousands of different styles and designs, they still hold their first values close to heart and offer a “It works or we fix it free” policy. It is because of this that Zippo lighters make such great gifts as you are not just giving that special someone something they will love, but a gift that is full of rich history.

Our Range of Zippo Lighters

Be a part of Zippo's rich and unique history with our range of Zippo Lighters.

Brass Zippo Lighter 

Brass zippo lighter with packet

A unique and beautiful design, the Brass Zippo Lighter is the perfect gift for those who like to ooze sophistication and class. Covered in a highly polished brass finish, this lighter is distinctive and stylish.

Chrome Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighter in chrome

Known for its timeless appeal and quality, the traditional looking Chrome Zippo Lighter is made to perfection. It's shiny chrome surface supplies a terrific back-drop to any image or word engraving.

All Zippo lighters come with a tell-tale stamp on the bottom to prove it's authenticity.