Since its inception in 1967 Dartington Crystal has been seen as one of England’s premier crystal manufacturers with an illustrious reputation built upon the quality and timeless styles incorporated in their glass designs. All of their glass-work from the Wibble Wide Vase to the Admiral’s Decanter is hand made by their 12 expert craftsmen at their factory in Devon; the last remaining crystal factory in the UK.

Because each piece is made by hand each and every piece of Dartington crystal is considered a unique work of art. Because of this they are treated with extreme reverence and care; being looked after and wrapped in preparation for delivery by a team who specialise in the handling and safe delivery of Dartington’s glass-work masterpieces.

It is the sheer passion and ingenuity that goes into Dartington Crystal products that makes them such ideal gifts. Not only is each piece delicately handmade, but their uniqueness can be enhanced further by engraving them with personalised messages, images & logos. Combining Dartington’s expertise with the personal touch of an individual makes the already beautiful crystal stand out with exceptional vigour, ensuring its place among the recipient’s most cherished possessions.


Our range of Dartington Crystal

Now that you know a little bit about Dartington’s history and stellar reputation why don’t you take a moment and look at some of the Dartington products we offer on our website.

Dartington Director’s Decanter

A beautifully elegant design, the Director’s Decanter is the perfect gift for those people who we all know who love to enjoy a drink and entertain. It has a rounded heavy base and the spherical stopper has an air bubble suspended inside it, creating a marvellously attractive effect.

Dartington Glitz Flutes

Sold in pairs and presented in an elegant black box, the glitz flutes have several Swarovski crystals imbedded into the glass. This magnificent flourish of stylistic design along with the very agreeable price tag makes this Glitz Flute duo the ideal gift for couples.

Dartington Wibble Large Vase

Dartington do not only excel in making glass drinking paraphernalia, as demonstrated by the aesthetic of the Wibble Large Vase. Its grooved base is a clear and bold juxtaposition of the sleek ‘V’ shaped upper portion, which will make it a very visually striking gift; especially once it has been engraved.