Christmas will soon be upon us and as it inevitably descends upon us the urgency starts to kick in and we start asking ourselves the same nagging question “What shall we get for ‘insert loved one’?” Part of you thinks that perhaps they would love a coffee maker as they love coffee oh so much, but there is another (much wiser) side of you that tells you there is no way anyone will want a coffee maker for Christmas.

We have nothing against coffee makers specifically, but Christmas is a time for indulging yourself and others, and love of course. Can you express love with a coffee maker? Doubtful. What you need is a gift that is personal; a gift that speaks to its recipient and doesn’t give the impression that you left it until the last minute and then made a mad rush to Curry’s.

Giving someone an engraved Christmas gift shows that you have thought about that person in particular; enough to have made something uniquely for them. We stock many items that can be engraved in such a manner, all of which would be well-received, but we are going to suggest a few to you to get your minds going and hopefully inspire you a little.


Christmas Tree Baubles

A very seasonal gift, these baubles are the perfect gifts to give to those who have just moved into their own place are just starting to grow their very own Christmas decoration collection. We have an assortment of baubles available some of which have classical festive designs on them, and others which are Christmassy scenes encapsulated in a crystal clear orb. Either way, both are fully capable of being engraved, ensuring their status amongst the recipients most treasured possessions.


Lockets and Pendants

Jewellery is a staple amongst gifts, and deservedly so. Most people will wear a necklace, bracelet or ring and even those who are uncomfortable wearing them will do so what a special occasion arises. Lockets can be an especially personal gift to give, as their contents often hold sentimental value. This in conjuncture with the ability to have them engraved makes them perfect for a family member or for a long-time friend.

Pendants can be equally as meaningful as the contents of a locket and they are often considered by their owners to be good luck charms. The backs of all the pendants are left blank so that a message can be engraved onto them, making them more personal and increasing their power as a charm.

Alcohol Accessories

Our assortment of alcohol-related gift items includes classic items such as pewter tankards, brandy glasses, crystal decanters, champagne flutes and many, many more. A very popular gift option over the past few years has been engraved bottles of popular spirits. For this reason we have introduced an ever expanding selection of just such items, so that you can treat your friends to their favourite drink while imparting on them a personal message.

Hip flasks also make for an impressive gift, whether they are used as decorations or for their intended purpose. They are available in variety of different designs and patterns, and can be further enhanced with an engraved message or symbol on the back or the front. The best thing about these flasks is they are sturdy, pleasing-to-the-eye and timeless, ensuring they will remain with their owner well into the future.
You will find all of these items and more throughout our website, as well as information pertinent to the level of customisation that is available for each product. We are sure you will find something that your loved one will cherish for many years to come and we hope you have a sensational festive season.