1. Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

We start our process by creating the artwork, according to the brief given to us by our client. The preparation is done completely in-house, and is carried out by our graphic designers using state-of-the-art design & rendering software.

Once the design has been drawn up, we get the glass ready by marking up where the engraving will go. The preparation has to be done with absolute precision, and will have an enormous impact on how the final product will turn out.

2. Wrapping and Blasting

We then proceed to apply the design onto a sticky film and place it on to the glass, to act as a stencil. The glass that will be left untouched is then covered in masking tape, to protect it from the next step, sandblasting.

The glass is not actually blasted with sand, but rather with very-fine aluminium oxide powder. Aluminium oxide is an abrasive agent that comes in different grades, and is also used for smoothing and polishing motor engines, as well as in engraving. We engrave the the design into the glass with a hand-held blasting tool, using the stencil to guide our hand.

3. The Final Flourish

Once the aluminium oxide penetrates the film, disintegrating the areas that holds the design, and engraving it onto the glass, the tape and remaining film is removed, and the glass is cleaned, quality controlled and packaged.

Tis, But The Work Of A Moment.