Ever wondered why there seems to be a different glass specifically designed for every kind of drink? Well there are reasons and it’s not as obvious as you think. For those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage on a regular basis, you will know that the appropriate container makes the world of difference. Whether you’re a fan of beer, spirits or fine wines, we’ve got a glass to suit every choice of beverage.

6. Brandy Glasses

Brandy is an exceptionally popular drink which gives you all the more reason to have a special brandy glass available in your cupboard. Designed with a large surface area, the glass is able to be held in the hand and therefore the liquor is warmed before drinking.

Image of Plain Brandy Glass 5. Cider Glasses

A similar design to beer glassware, cider glasses are created in such a way as to emphasise the flavours and colours of cider. It is also traditionally a British drink which is a factor that sets it apart from beer.

Image of Dartington Cider Glass 4. Beer Glasses

From pint glasses to traditional designs, there are plenty of glasses to suit a beer drinker. Designed in a tall and slender shape, they are able to maintain a beer head. Additionally, beer glasses also make sturdy glassware to have at home.

Image of German Beer Glass 3. Shot Glasses

A glass to suit for everyone, shot glasses are the perfect way to start a party and don’t take up much room in the cupboard. Designed to contain a small amount of spirit, shot glasses are used to consume a drink quickly.

Image of Square Shot Glass2. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail glasses make a delightful addition to your dining room thanks to their elegant design and shape. Cocktails are traditionally served chilled and contain a strong aroma from the fruity flavours and spirits used, thus the cone shape to reach the drinker’s nose.

Image of Cocktail Glass 1. Wine Glasses

A must-have for any dining table, there is always someone in the household who enjoys a glass of wine. Although wine glasses vary a lot in terms of size and style, they are generally designed to contain the strong aromas of wine and direct the liquid to the tip of your tongue.

Image of Dartington White Wine Glass

Not a fan of alcohol? We’ve also got a range of tumblers and other types of glassware to suit your drinking preference.

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