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Pesonalised engraving

Stylus Engravers Blog

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5 Recommended Engraved Glassware from Stylus Engravers
Comment on 5 Recommended Engraved Glassware from Stylus Engravers

5 Recommended Engraved Glassware from Stylus Engravers

Posted on Monday 3rd of April 2017

Glassware has been a specialty of Stylus Engravers for many years. Suitable as decoration, home use or as a family heirloom, a simple wine glass or whiskey tumbler offers endless ornate opportunities. The following are just 5 recommended choices of engraved glassware from our collection, ranging from popular classic to more subtle novelties. Cut Panel Brandy Glass Made from 24% lead crystal, this cut panel brandy glass shimmers with glass. Manufactured within a glass factory in Poland,...Read More

Comment on Farewell Bev, Welcome Gwen

Farewell Bev, Welcome Gwen

Posted on Tuesday 6th of December 2016

An eerie silence descended on the shop last week as we began our new working lives without the ever-present and all-knowing Bev. She’s been a part of our engraving business for over ten years and what she doesn’t know about how we operate isn’t worth knowing at all. Not only does she have an incredible memory for detail but she can remember personalised commissions going back years, often recalling the customers individually as well as the logos, artwork, fonts and glassware that they...Read More

Comment on 5 Engraved Gifts for Specific Occasions

5 Engraved Gifts for Specific Occasions

Posted on Friday 14th of October 2016

When it comes the finding an engravable gift, the choice of glassware, personalised ornaments and lavish picture frames means you’re never without options. The difficulty comes in deciding which gift best suits the particular occasion you’re celebrating. In this entry of the Stylus Engravers blog, we present our suggestions for the best choice in gift to match 5 specific special occasions. Graduation After years of long-study, stressful exams and hard work, the young (or old…)...Read More

Comment on Top Photo Frame Gift Ideas

Top Photo Frame Gift Ideas

Posted on Tuesday 9th of August 2016

Photo frames are a highly convenient choice of gift. Depending on the quality of the frame, they can be given as a small gesture for a friend or work colleague, or as a deluxe present for a close family member or partner. At Stylus Engravers, we believe the photo frame can be a deeply personal and cherished gift, especially with our personalisation options, and to give you some inspiration here’s the top photo frame gift ideas from our collection: Glass Photo Frames Although photo...Read More

Comment on Father's Day Gift Ideas At Stylus Engravers

Father's Day Gift Ideas At Stylus Engravers

Posted on Friday 10th of June 2016

How do you find a Father’s Day gift idea that’s truly memorable? The best solution is to personalize it yourself! If you know your old man well enough, it’s easy to find presents that suit his taste and passions, but with Stylus Engravers and our personalised gift selection, you can turn something as simple as a bottle of alcohol or glass into something he’ll cherish for years to come. A drink so special, it’s got his name on it It doesn’t matter if your dad is a whisky, gin...Read More

5 Jack Daniel's Recipes
Comment on 5 Jack Daniel's Recipes

5 Jack Daniel's Recipes

Posted on Thursday 12th of May 2016

From engraved bottles to beautifully packaged tumblers & glasses, the alcohol gift sets from Stylus Engravers have been an enduring favourite for all types of special occasions. One of our most popular drinks of choice is our Jack Daniel’s gift set; which houses a bottle of the world’s most well known bourbon whiskey within a straw-padded wooden box with a personalized Dartington Crystal glass. In acknowledgement to our customer’s love of this classic American whiskey, we’ve...Read More

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